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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays (2022)

As we prepare for the new year, we invite you to reflect on some of the highlights from Landmark College in 2022. Happy Holidays and enjoy.


Happy Holidays (2021)

Landmark College honors the campus’s connection to poet Robert Frost with this recitation of one of his most famous poems, the sentiment of which resonates with many of our students, alumni and faculty.

Reel of outtakes included at end. Thanks to Mondo Mediaworks for production assistance.


Happy Holidays (2020)

Special thanks to Tracy Campany and Ginny Irish for making the holiday masks.


Happy Holidays (2019)

More than two dozen Landmark College alumni from all over the world—Hong Kong to Pakistan, San Francisco to Boston, Oregon to Louisiana—wish you all Happy Holidays along with President Peter Eden!


Happy Holidays (2018)


Happy Holidays (2017)


Happy Holidays (2016)


Happy Holidays (2015)

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