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Mary Warren

From left to right: LC alumna Meg Warren with mother Mary Warren"My desire to see Landmark College thrive is also due to my belief in their forward-thinking vision."

When my daughter Meg graduated from Landmark College in 2017, she was announced as the winner of the President’s Award, which is given to the student who “finds time to contribute to the well-being of other persons and to the life of the Landmark College community.” I am writing to you today with a similar sentiment in asking you to support Landmark College with a financial gift.  

Maybe your student graduated from Landmark College two years ago, or five years ago, or even longer. Surely the impact of this experience is still resonant for them like it is for Meg. By making a gift or continuing your support, you are aiding current students who are on that same journey and sustaining the College in a time of uncertainty for small, liberal arts institutions.   

I continue to support Landmark College because of the lasting impact that experience had on my daughter. Completing her bachelor’s degree provided her with a tremendous boost in confidence and a better understanding of neurodiversity. Both are being put to good use in her current position as the Montessori Specialist for the Memory Care Unit at an assisted living community in Arizona.  

My desire to see Landmark College thrive is also due to my belief in their forward-thinking vision. Through their Institute for Research and Training, they are equipping educators for all ages with the same tools and knowledge for providing the kind of sensitive, directed education that was so beneficial to my student and to yours.  

As we age we have the opportunity to look back and figure out what are the important things to spend our money on, and improving lives has got to be up there at the top. Join me in supporting the Landmark College Annual Fund, and we can all share in the victory of future President’s Award winners.  

Mary Warren 

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