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Alan Katz and Jerry Simmons

Student Dashiell Katz on Study Abroad trip to Botswana"If anyone is going to support a place like Landmark College, it will be the people who it has helped." 

As you know, the invisible nature of learning differences makes them difficult for many people to fully understand. This creates gaps in funding from the government and other public sources. Private institutions like Landmark need support from parents like us because we “get it.”  

Landmark does a remarkable job teaching to students’ strengths. The faculty and staff are exceptionally adept at working with children like ours. For a lot of students, including our son Dashiell, it also provides unique learning opportunities outside the classroom. Dash was involved in student government, became a Resident Advisor, had a job on campus, and traveled to Botswana, Germany, and Australia. Occasionally, he was even the shark mascot.  

Dash graduated from Landmark College in 2017 with his Associate of Arts. He is now pursuing a bachelor’s degree at the University of Arizona. His experience at Landmark has given him the confidence and ability to go into that much larger environment and be successful. He understands the support he needs and how to ask for it.  

Landmark, we expect, also helped your student. As we said earlier, if anyone is going to support a place like Landmark College, it will be the people who it has helped. We know how unique and important Landmark is. We understand why we cannot afford to let Landmark suffer the same fate as other small colleges during these very trying times.  

We are making a gift to Landmark College because we recognize the people who were there before us helped create the school that made a big difference in Dash’s life. We believe we have an obligation to do the same for those who are on this part of the journey.  

Please join us in supporting the Annual Fund. Thank you.  


Alan Katz and Jerry Simmons 

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