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Companion blog for Voices, a Landmark College student publication


by Gabbi Osowiecki


The eternal struggle inside

a perfectionist’s mind,

is never sated

no matter the effort.


A perfectionist’s mind,

never meeting satisfaction

no matter the effort.

Triumph is lost.


Never meeting satisfaction,

they try in vain.

Triumph is lost,

as an unwinnable war is fought.


They try in vain,

struggling against their own conscious,

as an unwinnable war is fought,

tearing themselves down.


Struggling against their own conscious,

taking shots in the dark,

tearing themselves down,

as they hope something sticks.


Taking shots in the dark,

just wanting to finish,

as they hope something sticks,

and they can be done.


Just wanting to finish,

they put in the towel,

and they can be done.

It stops for a little while.


They put in the towel,

never sated.

It stops for a little while,

the eternal struggle inside.

Originally published in Spring 2020, Volume 1, Issue 3

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