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Observing Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

The following message was written by Landmark College Alumnus and Assistant Director of Equity and Inclusion, Marc Thurman '18:  

Dear LC family and friends,

Black and white graphic of Martin Luther King, Jr. speaking at a podium. Below him are the words I have a dream, Then the words Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Then the words Dream. Believe. Unite. Do.Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

Today isn't just a day off. Today is a Day of Hope.  A day of believing and communicating and coming together to understand how amazing it is to live in the dream that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr spoke of and believed in.

I hope we can all understand the privilege we have; to know and sit and talk to the person next to you, who is from a different state or city, or whose hair color isn't the same as yours, or whose skin color is different, or choice of vocabulary and language is also different from yours. Understand how it is a graceful privilege to breathe in and out and live within the dream of Dr. King.

Please just take a moment to understand what a privilege we all have in this day and time to see that if Dr. King's dream can be a reality, why can't yours? So, why allow anything or anyone stop you from believing in yourself and helping others do the same.

So, as we enjoy this day, relaxing and enjoy ourselves with family and friends, please take a moment to celebrate the person who was a father, a brother, a husband, and someone who was for all people, no matter their race or gender.

Dr. King believed in a dream he was unable to live in but believed that we could. And yes, I know, there's so much work to be done. But if Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. showed us anything, it is that we all must believe and come together.  

Thank you.

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