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New Banners Display Student Art Across Campus

by Solvegi Shmulsky

PUTNEY, Vt. - On Thursday, May 15, 2014, Landmark College’s Kyle Skrocki, Director of Facilities Operations, installed 12 art-print banners across campus, highlighting the creative work of our students. This is the first stage of a multi-semester project that will conclude when all 67 blue, 24-inch square banners with the words “Pret Accomplir,” the former motto of Landmark College, will be replaced. Made of Sunbrella fabric, the new banners are printed with colorful images of abstract and geometric student artwork.

Why is Landmark College putting up art banners? Dr. Peter Eden, president of Landmark College commented on the value of publicly recognizing the accomplishments of students to foster a community of creativity. “We are always looking for ways to demonstrate that this is a campus full of bright and creative people,” explained Eden. “There are many opportunities for expression of such, from the graffiti wall to the increase in student artwork mounted throughout the campus,” Eden continued, “but we were looking for ways to add even more color to the campus grounds.” 

Assistant Professor of Art Samuel Rowlett worked on the project from the beginning, most recently by selecting student work to be printed on the 12 new banners. Rowlett explained how he chose from the many student paintings created each semester. He said, “The work I chose for the banners focuses primarily on paintings of geometric and organic shapes and forms that contain interesting color relationships and are painted in an abstract manner. Pictured on the banners are detail shots of larger paintings.” 

Display choices were also made to harmonize with the distinctive campus designed by the modernist architect Edward Durrell Stone. Rowlett commented, “I feel the range of selected work complements the geometry of the architecture of our campus as well as referencing the organic textures of our surrounding natural environment. I hope these colorful abstract works will give us more opportunities to contemplate the beauty and patterns around us.”

“Samuel Rowlett and his students have done a tremendous job in accomplishing this goal, which will be a very public display of the talents our students possess,” said Eden.  “Art adds complexity, and these banners will enrich our community.”

Below is a list of students whose work has been printed and displayed in the spring 2014 banner installation, followed by a photo gallery of all 12 banners after they were installed today.

Featured Student Artists, 2014

Abigail Straus
Andrew Orluk
Brittany Cameron
Emily Carey
Emmeline Kipp
Erik Rhenman
Evan Robins
Ezra Kopf
Hayden Johnson
Jaime Desper
Kellie Hickey
Luke Darling

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