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National School Counseling Week

February 6-10 is National School Counseling Week, celebrating the unique contributions that school counselors make within our school systems. Here at Landmark College, our appreciation for the effort these individuals make on behalf of our students runs particularly deep. So, we asked members of the Enrollment Management team to share some personal stories about counselors they work with.



I’m delighted to celebrate Rhonda Winegarner during National School Counseling Week. Rhonda is a veteran Vermont counselor working at Brattleboro Union High School. Among the many ways she makes an impact on her students, she is a champion for her students maximizing the dual enrollment opportunities at Vermont colleges. As a new member of the Landmark College community, Rhonda is one of the first counselors I got to collaborate with closely. She cares deeply about her students’ success and wanted to put LC Online’s dual enrollment courses on the radar of bright, neurodivergent BUHS students who are ready to take a college course. Rhonda also went the extra mile helping families make dual enrollment connections at the BUHS parent night this year. The opportunity to take college courses with the Vermont dual enrollment voucher is an opportunity no Vermont student should ignore, and Rhonda Winegarner is a leading voice championing this opportunity!

Michael P. Stefanowicz
Vice President for Enrollment Management


I am honored to celebrate and recognize all counselors during this National School Counseling Week. I have worked with countless professionals during the last 10 years who not only have gone above and beyond for their students in high school, but have continued supporting these students thereafter. A few years ago, I remember working with a counselor from Noble Street College Prep in Chicago, IL. This outstanding individual worked harder than most to ensure her students succeeded in their next step. She went as far as to book a train ticket to accompany a student during orientation as the student’s family was unable to attend. I celebrate YOU – the counselors that make all students feel seen and heard AND continue supporting them throughout life.

Sydney Ruff, M.S.
Director of Admissions


I would like to celebrate the tremendous work that Marybeth Casey from Eton Academy in Birmingham, MI does every day for her students. Marybeth is such a great advocate for students with learning differences and I would like to recognize her during National School Counseling Week. I have had the opportunity to work with Marybeth for over two years, and this past fall I had the opportunity to attend a school fair that Marybeth and her team was hosting at Eton Academy. Over the course of the night, I had many parents who came to my table to express interest in Landmark College, thanks to the hard work and dedication of Marybeth’s continual communication with Landmark College and championing their student’s learning differences. I am so pleased to give Marybeth Casey a well-deserved shout out during National School Counseling Week!

Brian Murphy, M.S.
Assistant Director of Admissions


This year during National School Counseling Week, I would like to celebrate not one, but two college counselors! Jennifer DesMaisons was my college counselor when I was a student at The Putney School, and Karla Baldwin was my academic advisor and was instrumental in helping me navigate the ins and outs of applying for specific degree programs at colleges that focused on theater.

Not only did I work with them as a student, but I had the pleasure of eventually becoming their colleague in the College Counseling department at The Putney School, which is when I began to fully understand the herculean efforts required of college counselors to help the junior and senior classes navigate their way into higher education. Jen has an innate ability to help students examine every part of themselves, to help determine what their interests are beyond high school, and what kind of future each student would like to start building by choosing the college that fits them best. Karla takes on each student as if they were her own, and cares deeply for each one. Karla’s writing is another area where she truly shines. Her recommendation letters paint a beautiful picture that truly encapsulates each student and portrays them in such a holistic manner. I am so grateful for all the work they put into my college journey and am delighted that other students from The Putney School continue to benefit from working with this dynamic duo!

Emily Cuerdon
Administrative Assistant | Enrollment Management


I am glad to mention Byron Crozier for National School Counseling Week, who serves as the college counselor at Franklin Academy. For many years, Byron has helped neurodiverse students at this highly specialized Connecticut school begin the college search process, better understand their strengths, and prepare for success at the next level. In a field with millions of applicants and thousands of colleges, Byron helps an underserved group of students navigate a search process that can be overwhelming, especially as so few schools offer the special supports needed by his students. As seen through the students from Franklin Academy, Byron consistently advises and guides them with experience, knowledge and wisdom, and I can think of no better counselor to celebrate.

Max McAuley
Associate Director of Admissions


I first met Gary McCarthy, a counselor at Byram Hills High School in Armonk, New York, in 2019. We had a strong connection immediately and I have visited the school every fall since then. From our very first meeting, when he had taken the time to explore the Landmark College website before my arrival, I was impressed with his passion for serving neurodivergent students and helping them reach their potential. He demonstrates dedication and persistence in every interaction we have, as he continues to look for programs and services that will support his students’ college ambitions and dreams.

Ferne Bork
Assistant Director of Admissions and Training Coordinator


I would like to recognize Lindsey Skerker for National School Counseling Week. Lindsey is the college counselor at The Craig School in Montville, New Jersey. She provides her students with learning differences the opportunity to explore various colleges and programs to help each individual student find and prepare for their next chapter. Landmark College is lucky to be one of those opportunities. I met Lindsey during my first virtual travel session and then finally had the chance to meet her in-person this year. Lindsey went the extra mile to help create the most engaged in-person visit for Landmark College. She carefully planned the visit to make sure everyone could join and participate. She set me up to connect with prospective families in a group setting and individually. I am grateful for counselors like Lindsey that put all their heart into helping their students. I can always count on Lindsey to be excited to connect each year.

Erica Loveland
Assistant Director of Admissions

It is my pleasure to look back and recall the support I received from Glenn Cummings Ed.D who served as my guidance counselor during my senior year at Gorham High School in Maine. I was not a traditional student by any stretch, and I wanted to continue learning after graduation in ways that were not strictly pre-defined by others in the school administration. Not fitting the typical mold meant that I was often met with confusion and frustration by most of my teachers and peers. However, Glenn was happy to work with me in an open and non-judgmental way to help map out options after graduation.

Glenn suggested I explore alternative colleges that would provide a more experiential type of education. He was happy to provide a list of colleges and programs throughout the country to meet my learning style and aspirations. It was challenging to be different in a typical, public school, but Glenn had confidence in my choices (and in me) to carve my own path. Recently, as a guest visitor to the Maine Gubernatorial Inauguration in Augusta, Maine, I crossed paths with Glenn unexpectedly. He was serving then as President of the University of Southern Maine! I was surprised (but not shocked) to learn this. Glenn is an accomplished educator with great people-sense.

Ben Riseman
Assistant Director of Online and Intersession Enrollment

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