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Landmark College Welcomes New Faculty

ZuWallack, Rosenberg, and Pham

When classes start on August 31, 2015, four new faculty will be teaching at Landmark College. Local physical therapist Todd Miller has joined the physical education department. The Business Department welcomes Dr. Matthew Pham, an expert in economics with background in how economic policy affects decision-making about health. Experienced mathematics instructors Gil Rosenberg and Becky ZuWallack have joined the Mathematics and Computer Science Department. The incoming faculty are located on lower campus— Miller in the East Academic Building, Pham in the Administration Building, and Rosenberg and ZuWallack in the Nicole Goodner MacFarlane Science, Technology and Innovation Center.

“It is always an exciting time, welcoming new faculty to the College,” said Dr. Adrienne Major, Academic Dean of Landmark College. “New faculty bring a rich new perspective to our community—fresh ideas and insights on how to work with students and in disciplines in interesting and original ways. The diverse backgrounds and interests of our new faculty this semester reflect that wealth and offer such promise and perspective to our students and departments!”

Todd Miller
Physical Education Department

Todd Miller has a B.S. in physical therapy from the University of Vermont and an M.S. in physical education and human performance from the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse (UW-L). He is a licensed physical therapist, a certified athletic trainer, and certified in the McKenzie/MDT method of spine treatment. He has worked in Lake Tahoe, the Midwest, and New England with people of all abilities, from world champions and Olympic medalists to people with injuries that required years of rehabilitation to regain basic daily function. Miller has taught exercise classes at Landmark College and provided physical therapy for students with athletic injuries. He has also taught courses at UW-L, developed health, wellness and safety programs for area businesses and schools, and helped create a patient education program using interactive anatomy software at Cheshire Medical Center. When Miller is not working, he enjoys biking, playing soccer, winter sports, photography, and drawing. 

Dr. Matthew Pham
Business Department

Dr. Pham is an assistant professor in the Business Department at Landmark College. His research interests include analyzing the effects of changes in food policy on overall health and determining the key factors that influence one's decision to purchase and consume food. He also conducted research in the areas of environmental economics and agricultural engineering. Prior to joining the Landmark College faculty, he earned his B.S. in Economics, B.ChE. in Chemical Engineering, and M.S. in Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, and Ph.D. in Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics at The Ohio State University.

Gil Rosenberg
Mathematics and Computer Science Department

Gil Rosenberg earned a B.A. in mathematics from Swarthmore College and an M.S. in mathematics from Cornell University. He has taught high school and college-level math for over ten years, teaching everything from pre-algebra to multi-variable calculus. He is particularly interested in the philosophy of math, and he plans to pursue research in the social construction of disabilities in mathematics classrooms. In addition, Rosenberg is finishing a Ph.D. dissertation in religious and theological studies, where he focuses on postmodern interpretation of the Hebrew Bible. He lives in Brattleboro with his wife and two children, where he enjoys contra and Morris dancing.  

Becky ZuWallack
Mathematics and Computer Science Department

Prior to joining the Landmark College faculty, Becky ZuWallack spent seven years teaching mathematics at the high school she graduated from in Falmouth, Mass. Becky hails from a family of educators, but her own path to teaching has been circuitous. She graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1997 with a B.S. in Oceanography. She then spent five years serving as a naval officer with tours aboard USS Hopper (DDG-70) and the Naval European Oceanography and Meteorology Center. Following her military service, ZuWallack returned to school and earned a M.M. in Sound Recording Technology from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Upon graduation, however, she found herself facing a downturn in the economy with a stack of student loans. So, with her family’s encouragement, she gave teaching a try. After a brief introductory period to adjust to the rigors of the classroom—a more difficult mission than any she faced in the Navy—she has not looked back. Currently, ZuWallack is pursuing her Ph.D. in STEM Education through the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.  She enjoys integrating her prior experiences within her mathematics lessons and appreciates the opportunity to contribute to Landmark College’s social justice mission of empowering students who learn differently.

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