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Landmark College Honor Society Earns International and Regional Recognition

PhiThetKappa Spring 2012Landmark College’s Phi Theta Kappa Chapter earned several honors at the 2012 Phi Theta Kappa Annual International Convention in Nashville, TN. The College was:

  • Recognized as a Top 100 Chapter Beta Alpha Epsilon 
  • Awarded 1st place in the New England Region for Distinguished Honors in Action Project
  • Runner-up as the New England Region’s Distinguished Chapter

Congratulations to the student scholar leaders of Beta Alpha Epsilon, who have achieved these honors in competition with students from two year colleges across the region and around the world.

Honors in Action Project

The Honors Program focus is an interdisciplinary, contemporary topic of interest related to global challenges. Members explore the topic with the multitude of perspectives that their personal experiences and academic studies provide. The Honors Program provides guidance through a process called Honors in Action for researching a topic related to the Honors Study Topic. Students then take action based upon their new knowledge. (Source: adapted from the Phi Theta Kappa website )

The members of Landmark Beta Alpha Epsilon undertook a research study of the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Topic: “The Democratization of Information.” Their scholarship focused on the question, "In what ways can personal technology devices be tools of education rather than distractions?"  As their service component they created a video titled, "Organizing Your Binder."

The awards, based on competitively-judged applications, recognize excellence in the Society's Hallmarks of Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Fellowship as exemplified through the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Program. The Honors Program fulfills multiple dimensions of Phi Theta Kappa's purpose.
It is designed to:
(1) foster a stimulating environment for intellectual growth and challenge
(2) create opportunities for leadership through service and advocacy

Phi Theta Kappa is the International Honor Society for two-year colleges, serving an estimated one million members and consisting of 1,100 chapters across the United States and throughout the world.  Focus is on growth in the 4 Hallmarks: Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Fellowship. The Beta Alpha Epsilon Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa was chartered at Landmark College in 1994 and since that time has inducted nearly 500 students into the Society.

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