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Convocation Fall 2018

Landmark College officially welcomed new students and families to campus at its fall convocation ceremony on Saturday, September 1. Convocation is held twice per year, at the start of fall and spring semesters.

Dr. Peter Eden, president of LC, urged new students to “work hard and be honest with yourself, and you’ll live up to your potential at Landmark College. If you work hard and you’re honest with yourself, you can see a quantum leap in terms of your strengths, your skills, and your strategies.”

Katie LaBombard, a current LC student who is pursuing an Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies degree, inspired new students with her personal story. Calling LC “my first and last resort at the same time,” Katie related how her mother conducted research to get Katie to college, and, sadly, passed away before seeing Katie enroll.

Alumna Sallie Banta ’10 reminded new students of their own bravery in stepping out of comfort zones and enrolling at LC. “When anxiety comes up, it really helps to tell myself that what I am about to do is brave, and then I feel brave—and that allows me to keep moving forward,” said Banta, who is LC’s assistant director of social pragmatic programs and services.

Gil Rosenberg, assistant professor of math, assured students that faculty and staff have a unique perspective on learning differences and work hard to help students find their strengths. Prof. Rosenberg asked faculty and staff in attendance to raise their hands if they themselves have a learning difference, or if a loved one has an LD. Most hands went up.

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