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Thomas Kern

Thomas Kern headshot

Assistant Professor of Math

EMAIL: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
PHONE: 802-387-6791

STEM 225


Educational Interactives web site:


Ph.D., Mathematics, Cornell University
M.S., Computer Science, Cornell University
B.A., Mathematics, Dartmouth College


Aporia: Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy:
Are Mathematical Truths A Priori? (Fall 2008)
On the Creations of Mathematicians (Fall 2008)

Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science:
Equivalents of a Failure of the Axiom of Choice (March 2010)


MAMLS-NY Graduate Student Logic Conference
Equivalents of Unranked Tree Automata (April 2013)

Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference
The Shape of Logic (April 2006)
Ehrenfeucht-Fraisse Games on Linear Ordering (April 2007)
Equivalent Failures of the Axiom of Choice (April 2009)

Northeastern Section of the MAA Meeting
Ehrenfeucht-Fraisse Games on Linear Orderings (November 2006)

Beacon Conference
The Complicated Numbers (June 2005)

Dartmouth Logic Seminar
Categorization of Pure Shuffles (August 2007)

Cornell Logic Seminar
Equivalents of Failures of the Axiom of Choice (October 2009)
Classification of Countably Categorical Linear Orderings (2 talks) (April
A Dichotomy Theorem Concerning the Split Interval (November 2010)
Free Sequences in Rosenthal Compacta (November 2010)
Principles Weaker than Ramsey's Theorem for Pairs (2 talks) (March 2012)
Parameterized Complexity (2 talks) (Sept/Oct 2012)
Memoryless Determinacy of Parity Games (December 2013)
S2S (February 2014)
A Nonstandard Model of the Finite Binary Strings (March 2014)
Axiomatizing WS1S (November 2014)
Courcelle's Theorem (2 talks) (Feb/Mar 2015)
Krohn-Rhodes as a Generating Set for the Regular Functions (November 2015)
Regarding Nonstandard Models of WS1S (December 2015)

Cornell Math Teaching Seminar
Academic Job Applications (October 2015)
Introducing Students to Proofs (October 2011)
Internet Video: A Tool for Mathematics Education? (October 2012)
Student Evaluation of Teaching (December 2014)

Cornell Olivetti Club Seminar
Equivalents of Failures of the Axiom of Choice (September 2009)
Schrödinger’s Computer: An Introduction to Quantum Computation (March
Gems from Budapest! [Geometric Graph Theory/Leading Digits of 2^n]
(September 2010)
Tiling Problems (February 2011)
Singular Points of Complex Hypersurfaces (September 2011)
Hilbert's Tenth Problem and Related Results (March 2012)
Equitranslatability of Formal Languages (September 2012)
Grover Iteration: Cheating at Computing the Quantum Way (January 2013)
Of Hats, Gnomes, and Predicting the Future (October 2013)
An introduction to Artificial Neural Networks (February 2014)
Practical Programming of Integer Polynomials (September 2014)
Permutation Models (February 2015)
Really Long Words [Nonstandard Models of WS1S] (September 2015)
Graph Colorings and Games (February 2016)

Academic Interests

Development of educational interactives
What video games can tell us about shaping interactive experiences
Mathematical philosophy
Model theory of second-order successor logics
Linear orderings

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