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Studying in Ireland

The Irish Experience

Prerequisites for HU2661: 1000-level HU, EN1011/1015, FY Studies (or permission of instructor)

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  Program Director: Sara Glennon        
  Academic Director: Mike Hutcheson 

Primary goal: to explore the rich history and culture of Ireland while living and traveling in Ireland

  • Study the history of Ireland while living in and experiencing 21st century Irish culture.
  • Spend two weeks in the lively university town of Galway & one week in the busy capital city of Dublin.
  • Alternate days in the classroom with all-day field trips, including ancient forts and tombs, museums, medieval churches, castle, and a prison.

Special considerations:

  • The program involves lots of walking in all kinds of weather.
  • Class is often held in the field or on the street.
  • Requirements include 10 pages of edited writing by the end of the three weeks. (Academic support is available.)
  • Students live in residence halls and shop for/prepare many of their own meals.



Country Handbook

Travel Information for Ireland-only Students
Travel Information for Ireland-Scotland Students

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Cost for the trip is $6,000* and includes:

  • 3-credit class
  • Group flights
  • In-country transportation
  • Field trips and housing
  • Some group meals

Price does not include individual spending money.

Limited financial aid is available. Contact Michael Mertes, Director of Financial Aid.

* Discounts for students enrolled in back-to-back summer study abroad programs. Pair this program with Germany or Scotland.

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