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Studying in New Zealand

Intercultural Communication (COM2051)

Intercultural Competency: Theory to Practice (COM3051)

+/- July 6 – July 28, 2018


Prerequisites for 2000-level: EN1011/1015 or WRT1011 (English Composition & Rhetoric), FY1011 or EDU1011 (Perspectives in Learning), 1000-level Communications course (or permission of instructor to waive prerequisites).

Prerequisites for 3000-level: same as for 2000-level, plus EN1021 or WRT1012 (Research & Analysis) and three 2000-level courses at C or higher (or permission of instructor to waive prerequisites).

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Check out the 2016 Australia blog! (This program hosted the Intercultural Communications class in 2015/2016.)

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Photograph of Peg Alden
Program Director: Peg Alden

Photograph of Geoff Burgess
Academic Director: Geoff Burgess

Primary goal:

  • Study the relationship between culture and communication in multicultural New Zealand.
  • Explore New Zealand’s distinctive urban, rural, and coastal landscapes with time spent in Tauranga and Rotorua.
  • Engage with New Zealanders in informal settings as well as for structured projects on tourism and media.
  • Understand the role of cultural patterns and verbal/nonverbal codes in the development of intercultural relationships.
  • Recognize one’s own culture in order to deepen and broaden one’s understanding of self and the world.
  • 3000-level students will develop a framework for understanding diversity issues and challenges of cross-cultural communication and inclusion.

Special considerations:

  • Flights to and from Australia are l-o-n-g (almost 24 hours from New York). Your program will start while you are still experiencing jet lag.

Syllabus for COM2051
Syllabus for 3000-level course


Country Handbook

Travel Information

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Cost for this program is $6,500* and includes:

  • 3-credit course
  • Group flights
  • In-country transportation
  • Field trips and housing
  • Some meals
  • Price does not include individual spending money

Limited financial aid is available; contact Michael Mertes, Director of Financial Aid.

*Discounts for students who enroll in multiple summer study abroad programs.

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