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Studying in Germany

Cities at War
(HIS2721 & HIS3721)

Prerequisites for HIS2721: Prerequisites for HIS2731: EN1011 or WRT1011 (English Composition & Rhetoric), F.Y. Studies, 1000-level Humanities course (or permission of instructor)
Prerequisites for HIS3721: same as for HIS2671, plus EN021 or WRT1012 (Research & Analysis) & 3 2000-level courses (one in the Humanities) at C or above

June 16-July 7, 2018

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  Academic Director: Brian Cohen

  Program Director: Christie Herbert

Primary goals: to explore the experiences and memories of the people of Berlin during World War II.

  • Live at the ultra modern CIEE Global Institute in the central neighborhood of Kreuzberg
  • Study social, cultural, and military history in the classroom, via digital resources, and at key historical sites
  • Focus on German and Allied perspectives, with an emphasis on "everyday" experience of Berlin citizens during wartime
  • Explore "historical memory" and the different ways that Berlin has memorialized the war

Special considerations:

  • This program will be housed in the same student apartments for the entire 3 weeks.
  • The CIEE Global institute has a small, in-house cafe and kitchen facilities on each floor.

Syllabus for HU2721  (This is the 2017 syllabus, stay tuned for 2018.)
Syllabus for HU3721 (This is the 2017 syllabus, stay tuned for 2018.)

Itinerary (stay tuned)

Student Handbook (stay tuned)

Travel Information (stay tuned)

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Cost for this program is $6,000* and includes:

  • 3-credit course
  • Group flights
  • In-country transportation
  • Field trips and housing
  • Some group meals

Price does not include individual spending money.

Landmark College's "Global Engagement" Scholarship offers a 50% scholarship to a select group of eligible students. Information about eligibility and application process here.

* Discounts for students enrolled in back-to-back summer Study Abroad programs. Pair this program with studying in The Netherlands.

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