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Studying in Germany

Cities at War

Prerequisites for HIS2721: Prerequisites for HIS2731: EN1011 or WRT1011 (English Composition & Rhetoric), F.Y. Studies, 1000-level Humanities course (or permission of instructor)

June 16 – July 7, 2018

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Photo of Brian Cohen  
 Academic Director: Brian Cohen
Photo of Christie Herbert  
 Program Director: Christie Herbert

Primary goals: to explore the experiences and memories of the people of Berlin during World War II.

  • Live at the ultra modern CIEE Global Institute in the central neighborhood of Kreuzberg.
  • Study social, cultural, and military history in the classroom, via digital resources, and at key historical sites.
  • Focus on German and Allied perspectives, with an emphasis on “everyday” experience of Berlin citizens during wartime.
  • Explore “historical memory” and the different ways that Berlin has memorialized the war.

Special considerations:

  • This program will be housed in the same student apartments for the entire 3 weeks.
  • The CIEE Global Institute has a small, in-house cafe and kitchen facilities on each floor.

Syllabus for HIS2721


Student Handbook

Travel Information

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Cost for this program is $6,000* and includes:

  • 3-credit course
  • Group flights
  • In-country transportation
  • Field trips and housing
  • Some group meals

Price does not include individual spending money.

Landmark College’s “Global Engagement” Scholarship offers a 50% scholarship to a select group of eligible students. Information about eligibility and application process here.

*Discounts for students enrolled in back-to-back summer Study Abroad programs. Pair this program with studying in The Netherlands.

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