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Studying in the Caribbean Islands

Earn four credits in two classes on this Study Abroad program. 

Lifestyles for Learning
(ED 11131 or ED 2131)

Beginning Boating Skills

Prerequisites for ED1131: Credit-level FY Studies 
Prerequisites for ED2131: EN1011 and FY Studies

January 2-20, 2017
We expect this program to run again in January 2019

Check out the program blog!

Learn about World Ocean School (the educational organization that we are partnering with in the Caribbean) and The Roseway (the schooner that we will be sailing).

Read an article, There is no ADHD on a boat, written by the director about the Caribbean Island program.

Headshot of Sophie Dennis smiling  Academic Director: Sophie Dennis

Headshot of Meg Spicer smiling  Program Director: Meg Spicer

Primary goal: to study and apply research-based health and wellness strategies that connect personal choices to academic achievement

  • Spend 5 days on the Schooner Roseway exploring how it feels to be "unplugged" from personal technology
  • Learn about health/wellness issues particular to college students (i.e. sleep patterns, diet & nutrition, models of resilience) in a spectacularly beautiful environment
  • Attend classes and participate in a range of wellness activities (including swimming, snorkeling, hiking and cooking) on both St. John and St. Thomas
  • Return to campus in time to present your final project, "Health, Wellness and the College Student," as part of New Student Orientation

Special considerations:

  • All students will learning sailing skills & be part of daily rotations/watches while under sail and at anchor
  • Program requires the ability to get in/out of small boats & climb ladders
  • Willingness to live in tight, co-ed facilities is important on the boat
  • There is NO SMOKING or alcohol consumption on the boat

Syllabus: Lifestyles for Learning

Syllabus: Beginning Boating Skills


Student Handbook

Travel Information 

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Cost for this program is $6,000* and includes:

  • 2 courses (4-credits total)
  • Group flights
  • In-country transportation
  • Field trips and housing
  • Some group meals
  • Price does not include individual spending money.

*Limited financial aid is available; contact Michael Mertes, Director of Financial Aid.

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