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Jenna’s Story

Jenna Pavucek '18
Hometown: Collegeville, Pennsylvania

After getting her associate degree in 2018, Jenna Pavucek knew she had to start thinking about life beyond Landmark College. The Internship Program LC offers during Summer Sessions provided Jenna with a perfect opportunity to get work experience (and money) while also earning credits toward her B.A. in Liberal Studies.

Landmark College student Jenna Pavucek (2nd from left, wearing purple) posing for a group shot with her co-workers at Chroma Technology during her 2019 Summer InternshipJenna’s only jobs prior to her internship were on the LC campus and as a teacher’s aide for the daycare program of the Montessori School in her hometown. She knew any internship would be very different and went into the process with an open mind. “I knew what I didn’t want to do, but I didn’t have any idea of what I actually wanted to do,” Jenna remembered.

Landmark College partners with a variety of local businesses, large and small, to provide credit-bearing, paid internships for students. Faculty member Mickey Cronin, who oversaw the academic component of Jenna’s internship, described the program as an “opportunity to practice nuanced communication skills that are required for success in the workplace.” She added that “these work experiences help clarify career goals and understand the type of employment and work culture a student prefers. Overall, these opportunities seem to increase the relevance of their educational efforts.”

After considering her options, Jenna interviewed with and was hired by Chroma Technology, a global manufacturer and seller of optical filters in Bellows Falls, Vermont. Since she owns a car, it was easy enough for Jenna to make the 20-minute commute from campus for her three afternoon shifts each week.

Jenna’s first assignment was organizing manufactured parts into numbered categories, which enabled the rest of the eight-member team to efficiently assemble the optical filters for shipping.  “That’s something I’m naturally good at,” Jenna said. “It always bugs me if stuff isn’t organized.”

One of Jenna’s supervisors, Valerie, validated her good performance with a written evaluation that said, “Jenna’s work was accurate and consistently error-free.” Valerie added that even though the job was repetitive, “Jenna had great respect for the work” and “remained super-focused on the task until completion.”

After that, Jenna was re-assigned to Dale in the Marketing Department to help him prepare materials for trade shows.  “Jenna was a magnificent help in organizing and sorting my storage room,” said Dale. “She always worked with a positive attitude and was quick and efficient.”

While the organizational nature of the work played to Jenna’s personal strengths, she says the internship also helped her grow more comfortable with asking questions and gave her confidence in her ability to work independently. When asked what she would tell others about the Internship program, Jenna urged patience and open-mindedness, saying “Things take time. You’ll eventually find what you want to do. Even if you think you know what you want to do, things can change.”

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