What is the Landmark College Institute for Research and Training?

Ibrahim presenting The Landmark College Institute for Research and Training (LCIRT) is Landmark College’s office of research, training and dissemination.

Established in 2001, LCIRT is founded on more than two decades of educational experience serving students with learning disabilities (LD), ADHD,  and ASD. We translate our experience into practical, relevant professional development for educators and other professionals.

LCIRT offers training on a broad range of 21st century education challenges such as

  • Serving Diverse Student Profiles (LD, ADHD, ASD and more)
  • Motivating and Engaging  Students
  • Managing Executive Function Difficulties
  • Integrating Assistive and Instructional Technology
  • Incorporating Universal Design to Improve Access and Success

What else does LCIRT do?

LCIRT researches and develops best practices for the education of struggling students, bringing our experience and insights to the wider educational community.

LCIRT offers a variety of formats and opportunities for engaging with professionals.

Explore LCIRT’s grant and research activity and additional LD Resources.

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For additional information

Landmark College Institute
for Research and Training

PO Box 820
1 River Road South
Putney, VT 05346


  • Landmark College Researchers Bring Study Results to New Orleans

    Posted March 3

    Dr. Ibrahim Dahlstrom-Hakki and Dr. Michelle Bower gave a TED-style presentation at the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Annual Meeting in New Orleans. The presentation was titled “Making Data Accessible to Diverse Populations of Students” and was based on work funded by a National Science Foundation Research in Disabilities Education (NSF RDE) grant focused on improving introductory statistics courses for students who learn differently. The two presenters shared their research, which involved using TinkerPlots software as a tool for teaching statistics.

  • Smartphones in the Classroom? Teaching Takes on New Shape at Landmark Innovation Symposium

    Posted September 27

    How can educators use fun, popular technology—think iPhones, mobile apps and pencasts—to teach all their students more effectively? Expert presenters will share answers to this question at the 2013 Learning Disabilities Innovation Symposium on Friday, October 4th at Landmark College.

  • New Certificate Offers Educators Edge on Creating Innovative Learning Environments

    Posted August 5

    The new UD-TI Certificate offered by Landmark College uniquely prepares educators to create learning environments in which all students thrive regardless of their learning preferences and abilities.

  • Level the Learning Field in Your Classroom

    Posted July 29

    Compelling for its simplicity and inclusive ethic, Universal Design challenges teachers, professors and institutions to reach as many students as possible by accounting for their diverse needs up front, fostering improved rates of learning success for all students.

  • Smoothing the Road Ahead—Transition to College Program Preps High School Grads

    Posted July 2

    Increasing the odds of a successful transition to college takes planning and programs like the Transition to College one held at Landmark College beginning July 19.

  • Teens Get a Jump on College in Summer High School Program at Landmark College

    Posted June 5

    Whether participants have ADHD, dyslexia, or an autism spectrum condition, Summer Program Director Lee Crocker hopes that they come away with “increased enthusiasm, confidence and skills to go to college—because they realize they can do it.”

  • Landmark College Professor Earns Outstanding Educator Award

    Posted April 28

    For her dedication to educating bright, at-risk college students with a pedagogy honed by action research, Dorothy Osterholt, Landmark College Associate Professor, was awarded the Outstanding Educator Award from the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) at the spring meeting of the northeast chapter in Bridgeport CT.

  • Landmark College Professor Explores 50 Years of Change in the Field of LD With The Washington Post

    Posted April 16

    The field of learning disabilities turns 50 this year – an event celebrated by Professor James Baucom, a Landmark College founding administrator and current Professor of Education, in an article published today in the Washington Post.

  • Is GPS Severing Our Connection to the Natural World?

    Posted April 12

    The 2013 Spring Academic Speaker Series concludes with a presentation on Monday, April 15th, at 7:00 p.m. when Landmark College Professor and nature writer Ned Olmsted explores map reading in a digital world.

  • Landmark College and Stern Center for Language and Learning to Offer Webinar on DSM 5

    Posted March 25

    Educational Perspectives on DSM 5: Anticipated Changes that Impact Students Webinar, a collaborative initiative between Landmark College and Stern Center for Language and Learning, takes place on Tuesday, April 2, from 3 – 4 p.m., EDT.

  • Landmark College President Discusses Models of Educational Success

    Posted March 20

    During a recent interview with Higher Education Today, Landmark College President Dr. Peter Eden, shared insights about the College’s unique and proven educational model.

  • Powerhouse Speakers to Kick off Landmark College’s First Annual Capacity Building Institute

    Posted March 12

    Be a part of the 2013 Capacity Building Institute which will bring together educators from the computer science and engineering fields, disability service providers, and instructional technology personnel from around the country to discuss ways to increase the number of students with disabilities successfully pursuing higher degrees and careers in the computing fields.

  • Dr. Banerjee Delivers Keynote Address at LDA Conference

    Posted February 12

    Dr. Manju Banerjee, director of the Landmark College Institute for Research and Training, is the keynote speaker at the Learning Disabilities Association of America’s International Conference, being held Feb. 13-16 in San Antonio, Texas. The title of her presentation is “Technologies of the Future: Where Assistive Meets Mainstream.”

  • Landmark College “Bridge” Program Profiled in Chronicle of Higher Ed

    Posted February 11

    Landmark College’s “Bridge” program, which helps students master skills needed for academic success, develop better study habits, and either get back on track or stay on track for graduation, is featured in this week’s edition of The Chronicle of Higher Education, considered by many to be the No. 1 source of news and information for college and university faculty members and administrators.

  • Looks to Landmark College for Advice on Choosing the Right College

    Posted February 1

    A new article in’s ADD/ADHD guide features an interview with Landmark College Senior Vice President Brent Betit, Ed.D., who describes what college attributes best serve students with ADHD, ASD, and learning disabilities in helping them achieve academic success.

  • Communications Professor Presents at International Conference

    Posted November 22

    Communication Professor Liza Burns presents “21st Century Literacy Tools for Students with Learning Differences” at international conference.

  • Landmark Faculty-Researchers Team up to Deliver Teaching Strategies for the 21st Century

    Posted October 2

    New understanding of the ways in which students learn and teachers guide the learning process are shaping education in the 21st century. It is students at the margins, particularly those who learn differently, who are informing contemporary pedagogical practices. At Landmark College, experienced faculty work closely with researchers at the Landmark College Institute for Research and Training (LCIRT) to identify creative instructional practices and to test their effectiveness. And now Landmark College is offering a brand new certificate program in Universal Design and Assistive Technology to share these best practices with educators and professionals around the globe.

  • Tips for Educators to Trigger Interest in STEM Learning

    Posted August 15

    Participatory Design is a method which involves users in the design process to ensure products meet user requirements. Research in STEM learning indicates that a key factor in creating an effective STEM curriculum is to provide accessible opportunities to engage students in group problem solving. Such an approach allows for on-the-spot reasoning and discussion, and allows students to test their own understanding (Wieman & Perkins, 2005) through practical hands-on engagement. Landmark College students were given examples of Participatory Design and then had the opportunity to evaluate and design accessible mobile Apps or games using this method. In this paper we review the results.

  • Fall 2012 Academic Speaker Series

    Posted July 28

    An engaging lineup for Fall 2012 Academic Speaker Series is announced.

  • Bringing Together Research, Practice & Technology for Students Who Learn Differently

    Posted April 6

    Landmark College is known for working with students with learning disabilities and ADHD, but now they are working to understand more of the complex needs of students with multiple disabilities, particularly students with autism-spectrum disorders. At other institutions where I’ve worked, it was always a challenge to find enough students to do field research; about 3 percent to 9 percent of the population of postsecondary students has a learning disability. It’s different here at Landmark, where all of our 500 students have diagnosed learning disabilities.

  • There’s an App for That! See what our researchers and students have been up to.

    Posted March 19

    Landmark College and the University of Maryland-Baltimore County joined forces to engage students directly in the design of Apps created to support procedural memory training, learning, scheduling and exercise.

  • Professor Ken Gobbo of Landmark College discusses range of symptoms within Autism Spectrum Disorders

    Posted March 5

    Professor Ken Gobbo describes Autism spectrum disorders or ASDs as a group of disorders that cause difficulty with self expression and communication, reading social cues, and understanding the mind set of others. Shifts in diagnostics and improved educational practices have enabled more young people with ASDs to graduate from high school, attend college, and enter rewarding careers.

  • New Semester Exchange Expands Study Options for Vermont College Student

    Posted February 16

    MONTPELIER, VT – Vermont’s independent colleges and universities annually pump nearly $1.4 billion into the state economy and attract 14,000 out-of-state students who spend their college savings in Vermont, according to a recent study by the Association of Vermont Independent Colleges (AVIC).