Landmark College Institute for Research & Training (LCIRT)

What is LCIRT?

The Landmark College Institute for Research and Training (LCIRT) is the engine that powers innovation, research and inquiry, and training at Landmark College.  Fully integrated within the College, LCIRT is instrumental in upholding our mission and in promoting and leveraging the knowledge and expertise of Landmark College's faculty and staff. 

“Landmark is on the cutting edge of movements and practices that are shaping LD education today,” says LCIRT’s vice president and director, Manju Banerjee, Ph.D (pictured).  “Our efforts identify, validate, and disseminate these practices to students, educators, and professionals serving those with diverse learning needs – both in and out of the classroom.”

LCIRT drives advances for the College in various ways:

  • Discovery and applied research
  • Professional development and training for educators around the world
  • Strategic partnerships that expand  the College footprint on a global scale

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For additional information about LCIRT:

Landmark College Institute
for Research and Training

PO Box 820
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