Landmark College is a collaborative and rigorous educational community, fully committed to serving students who learn differently.

Through our specialized points of entry, students engage in core courses that build their skills as learners. Whether you're a student ready to pursue a bachelor’s degree; someone who wants to study business, life sciences, computer science, art, or liberal studies in general; or you would like to earn an associate degree, Landmark College could be for you.

For detailed information on our programs and degrees, as well as course information, policies, and procedures please see the Landmark College Academic Catalog.

Professor matte talks studentsOur Core Values

Teaching and Learning

  • We value students’ wholeness, humanity and resourcefulness.
  • We embrace students’ strengths.
  • Students are our partners in learning.

Academic Rigor

  • Our goal is to help students reach their greatest academic potential.
  • Our credit courses emphasize critical thinking and abstract concepts.
  • We have high expectations of ourselves and our students.

Academic Support

  • We work closely with students, both in the classroom and individually.
  • Students build academic skills and strategies from semester to semester.
  • We prepare students to meet high academic expectations and to succeed.

Find out more about all of our degree and program options, and our unique first-year experience.

Families: learn more about Landmark College’s educational approach, processes, and expectations in our publication “A Guide for Landmark College Families:  Shared Expectations and Understanding.”


Dr. Adrienne Major
Academic Dean

Jill Hinckley
Associate Dean of Academics