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FAQ about the Certificate in Learning Differences and Neurodiversity (LDN)

How much does it cost?

Tuition is $1,495 per course (including graduate credit) beginning with Fall 2021 courses. Students who participated in any course prior to Fall 2021 will pay the previous rate ($1,350 per course) through the Summer 2022 term.

What are the requirements for earning the Professional Certificate?

Successful completion of all five courses in the program results in a certificate in Learning Differences and Neurodiversity, with specialization in Executive Function and LD.

Will I be able to fit the Professional Certificate courses into my busy work schedule?

The curriculum accommodates busy professionals’ hectic schedules. Each week of course content—learning activities, assignments, and even video discussions—can be completed at one’s own convenience. Synchronous discussions are recorded for later access. Course content promotes evidence-based, classroom-tested strategies and approaches with practical applications.

Am I required to be on campus for any part of the program?

This is a fully online post-baccalaureate certificate program.

Will I get to know my fellow students and teachers?

Through a combination of rich, threaded discussions and synchronous, live video “talk time” with instructors and fellow students, our course participants form a vibrant online community of education professionals. Students really get to know their instructors and peers. Doing so avoids the anonymity and disconnected feeling that is often experienced in an online course. Participants exchange strategies, ideas, tools, and feedback with each other as well as with instructors.

I have enjoyed the Talk Times, and I have even enjoyed the recordings of missed Talk Times. It has helped me to feel a sense of community and relationship. I completed my master’s degree fully online without any synchronous interaction, so I appreciated this difference.”

– Heidi T., student in a past certificate course. Read more student testimonials

Can I take individual courses or am I required to take the full program of courses?

Yes! You have the option to take the full certificate program (five courses) or select individual courses, with the exception of the Capstone Course

Do the courses have to be taken in sequence to earn the certificate?

No, you can pick and choose the courses that appeal to you and your schedule. The exception is the Capstone Course, which can only be taken after successful completion of four requisite certificate courses. Take a look at the following table for a schedule of course offering this academic year.

Must all courses be completed in one academic year?

Completing the full series of courses over multiple academic years will still lead to a certificate.

Can I earn graduate credits for the courses?

Graduate credits are offered by Landmark College. Students who receive an 80%, or better, will receive graduate credits (3 credits per course).

What is the application deadline?

Landmark College has a rolling admissions process for the Professional Certificate courses. Individual course application deadlines will be posted as each course approaches and are usually around three weeks before the course start date. Completion of a certificate will vary according to your course start date. Please see the Course Schedule for a table of the courses offered each academic year, including application deadlines. 

What are the prerequisites for applying for courses?

Completion of a bachelor’s degree is required for admission into courses. Current work that involves teaching or supporting neurodiverse students, or a strong interest in LD and neurodiversity, is desirable.

There are no prerequisites for the first four courses. The Capstone culminates in a project that combines all the learning experiences from the previous courses. Students are expected to take all four courses before participating in the Capstone course.

A completed application form, a copy of your bachelor’s or master’s degree certificate or transcript, and a current resume or CV are needed for individual course registration. Additionally, we require a personal statement indicating interest in and reasons for your participation in the course(s).

Applications are reviewed on a rolling admissions basis. You will receive an acceptance packet soon after your application has been reviewed and you have been accepted into a course(s).

What are the technology requirements?

Students will need the ability to access our online course content through a browser running on a desktop or laptop computer. Mobile phones and tablets may not be adequate or appropriate for some aspects of the course materials. All popular browsers are supported, but we recommend Chrome or Firefox if available. A webcam is highly recommended. A productivity suite such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office 365, Google G-Suite, or Open Office is recommended.

What is your withdrawal policy?

Students must withdraw from a course within one week of the course start date in order to receive a 50% tuition fee refund. Refunds are not available after the first week of the course start date.

Where can I find out more about the academic policies?

For a full list of academic policies and student rights, responsibilities and conduct can be found in the Academic Catalog

Is the Professional Certificate program accredited?

Landmark College is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) (formerly the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc.).

What do past participants have to say about the courses?

Watch an interview with recent graduates about their experience in the program:

Other student quotes about the program/individual courses:

“I am so grateful for the course, your amazing videos and the opportunity to learn so much from people like you that truly care about the profession and students.”

“Thank you for your professionalism and expertise in teaching the course. I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and feel that I developed as a coach and instructor from the knowledge I gained in the course. It is a testament to you and Landmark College that students who otherwise would face considerable challenges are now afforded an equal opportunity to become independent self-directed learners.”

“I have learned a great deal over the past year; this program has been invaluable to me as an educator in an international school setting.”

“I found this to be one of the most productive things I’ve done in my career.”

“I think every educator should take this as part of their license requirement to serve all of their students.” 

“I really enjoyed the certificate as a whole, and found the courses immensely useful to my instruction.”

“I have LOVED working my way through the Learner Profile. I deliberately chose a student who has baffled me in many ways and having to think specifically about her strengths and challenges within each weekly context has been very useful. I very much appreciate the immediate practicality of this assignment.”

“We have already made adjustments at my school based on content I learned from this course.”

“...although I have been working with students on Executive Functioning for about eight years or so, the information presented in this course has been so very helpful to me. Some has offered validation for the knowledge I have gained over the years, and some has taken familiar ideas and concepts to new levels.”

“I really like the balance of theory and practice. It helps me immensely to have the research to refer to when presenting a strategy, but I also appreciate that it’s always very clear why we delve into particular theories.”

“I am finding the material of this course tremendously empowering, as it gives me concrete knowledge I can invoke when discussing either a particular student’s situation or larger institutional issues.”

“I really am enjoying everything I’ve been learning in this course and I wish it wasn’t ending.”

I’m not ready to sign up yet. How can I keep informed about future courses and deadlines?

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What are students’ rights and responsibilities?

The Student Handbook is your guide to all of the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Learning Differences and Neurodiversity’s rules, regulations, and policies.

Can I take multiple specializations?

Yes! Students wishing to complete multiple specializations must complete each track specific course, the two core courses, and a Capstone for each specialization. For example, to complete two specializations, a student would complete a total of 8 courses, but need not repeat the core courses.




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