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A workshop series for parents of high school juniors, seniors, and recent graduates, teaching them how to effectively support their student’s transition to college.

Every parent wants to do whatever they can to to help their child succeed. The Propellers online workshop series shows you the best ways to be an ally to your student on their journey to living independently.

Each session draws on the decades of experience Landmark College has working with neurodivergent students. Our instructors will help you better understand the intellectual and social-emotional make-up of your student, and how it all fits together. In the end, you will come away with tools and strategies that can help your student move forward toward their goals.

Workshop Sessions Recording Now Available Below (click on the workshop title to view recording)

Transition to College: A Parent’s Guide
Executive Functions and the Four Domains of Learning
Taking Charge of Your Health and Wellness
PEERS®: Learning how to make and keep friends

All workshops are hosted on the BlueJeans video conferencing platform.

Back, by popular demand: Parents as At-Home Teachers: Working with Students with LD and ADHD in Online Learning (click link for full description)


Workshop Descriptions

Adam Lalor profile pictureTransition to College: A Parent’s Guide
Tuesday, July 7
Presented by Adam Lalor, Ph.D., Director of the Landmark College Institute for Research and Training

The transition from high school to higher education is a challenge for all students, and poses specific challenges for students with learning differences. Parents and families of students with learning differences must strike a balance between supporting their student and allowing them to take on new challenges if the student is to develop skills critical to success. This presentation will explore the transition process and offer strategies for families to use to proactively support their students while allowing their student to develop important transition skills.


Rebecca Matte profile pictureExecutive Functions and the Four Domains of Learning
Thursday, July 9
Presented by Rebecca Matte, M.S., Associate Professor of Education

This presentation will address two perspectives that will aid in understanding how students learn. First we will review models of executive function; then we will introduce the Four Domains of Learning Model (self-management, motivation, skill attainment and social emotional influences). The objective is to explain the role that executive functions and the Four Domains play in developing students’ ability to thrive and persist in college. This presentation will provide a framework for parents to identify the barriers which their student may be experiencing and hints on how to support their growth. This presentation is designed to enhance the participants understanding of emerging adult learners and to heighten their sensitivity to factors that affect the learning process.


Jeff Huyett profile pictureTaking Charge of Your Health and Wellness
Tuesday, July 14
Presented by Jeff Huyett, MS, APRN, BC, Director of Health Services

Description: This workshop will help parents to plan for the health and well-being of their student while at Landmark College. The services offered through the Offices of Health, Counseling and Wellness will be reviewed. The Transition of Medical and Mental Health Care to Landmark College Guide will be presented.


Andy Donahue profile picturePEERS®: Learning how to make and keep friends
Thursday, July 16
Presented by Andy Donahue, MA, Director of Social Pragmatic Programs and Support and Certified Provider of PEERS® Telehealth, Adolescent and Young Adult Programs; and Sallie Banta, Assistant Director of Social Pragmatic Programs and Support and Certified Provider of PEERS® Telehealth, Adolescent and Young Adult Programs.

PEERS® is a social skills group for teenagers with Autism Spectrum Disorder or other social challenges. This workshop will present a brief overview of ASD and some of the challenges, and the consequences of social difficulties and the importance of friendships. Providing a description of PEERS® and examples of PEERS® class roleplays and the role of parents as social coaches.

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