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COVID-19 Update: Read about LC’s successful Fall 2020 semester and plans for our campus residential program in Spring 2021.

Summer Online

Landmark College offers online programming during the summer months, to help students maintain the learning momentum they established during the traditional semester and provides a chance to earn credits toward graduation!

Today, online or remote learning is the new normal for most students. It is believed the online platform is not “user friendly” to students who learn differently (LD). Yet for the past seven years, Landmark College has been successfully offering online courses to high school students with executive function (EF) challenges as part of our online dual enrollment program. Using this experience with online and LD as the springboard, we are uniquely able to offer EF scaffolded online courses coupled with our high touch model of student supports.

Any learning that occurs over the Internet is broadly described as online learning, but there are many models and approaches. The following links will highlight the Landmark College Advantage, including the four elements that make our online courses unique, and discover how LC compares to other online programs.

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