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  • 2023 Fall Convocation

    /* MANUAL LINE BREAK */ .spak { margin-bottom:25px; } Fall 2023 Convocation Full Convocation: Watch the full convocation above, or view individual speeches: Opening remarks from President Peter Eden Student perspective from Gus McGee Alumni perspective from Alumna Jenny Beller ’20 Faculty perspective from Katie Roquemore LC Coin from Vice…

  • Hurley Cavacas

    Hurley Cavacas

  • Ann Ewaskio

    Ann Ewaskio

  • Denise Burchsted

    Denise Burchsted

  • Kyra Johnston

    Kyra Johnston

  • Will Johnson

    Will Johnson

  • Landmark College Forms Collaboration with Equinix

    12-month agreement helps neurodivergent students with new career pathways

  • Hartley and Dina Johnson

    We are STILL celebrating our son Will’s graduation from Landmark College this past May. How about you? Maybe the big day is approaching next semester, or it's been a few years. Yes, Landmark College helps students improve their study skills and create strategies for improving executive function; most of all…

  • Kristina Clark and John Kemmerer

    Before LC, Gavin had no academic confidence and became disinclined to “non-preferred activities,” which included most schoolwork. When not at school, he was often alone in his room, with few opportunities to develop social and practical life skills. Flash forward to what is the beginning of Gavin’s fourth year at…

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