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Fostering Deep Elaboration: A “trick” for Getting Info to Stick in Memory

In the following video, Dr. Rick Bryck, Senior Director of LCIRT, discusses a “trick” for helping students retain information more effectively over the long term. Namely, try to foster deep processing when learning the information—what is “deep processing”? You'll have to watch the video to find out! 

This clip comes from a longer presentation introducing “desirable difficulties”—conditions during learning that increase the difficulty of remembering information in the moment or short term, but that have been demonstrated to increase the longer term retention of this information—the ultimate goal of teaching! If your school or organization could benefit for a "deeper" dive on this topic (and other study and memory strategies), let us know how LCIRT might be able to meet your needs through customized professional development. 

Many thanks to the following resources, which helped inform and frame much of the material and tips presented in this video: 


Fostering Deep Elaboration to Get Memories to Stick

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