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Winning Streak Continues for Landmark College Men’s Baseball Team

The cool, drizzling weather was hardly enough to stop the Sharks from adding another win to their season tally and moving their record to 6-0 as they defeated Putney by a putney team player at the plate ready to swing score of 8 – 4 on Saturday.  But don’t let the score lead you astray because the Sharks were behind in the fifth inning when they came up with 5 runs to take the lead, and keep it.   

Starting pitcher Will Kelley only allowed two runs. Relief pitcher Thomas Sansone also only allowed two runs to get the win. Both players pitched very well, despite allowing the lead-off batters to reach base.

Tim Martin had another fantastic game behind the plate as well as a key hit to start the scoring rally. The most memorable part of the game was in the top of the 6th, when Putney was trying to generate a rally. They had two outs with a fast runner on first and one of their big bats at the plate. Thomas kept looking the runner back at first because he was taking a sizable lead.  Sure enough the runner took off and decided to test his speed against the cannon of Tim (aka his arm). Tim threw a perfect ball to second, where Chris Hawkins was blocking the base and able to tag the runner out to end the inning. That play was the defeating blow because Putney knew it was going to be nearly impossible to score 4 runs against Thomas in the seventh.

The Landmark College Men's Baseball team take on McGills this Friday, April 26 at 5:30 p.m. on the Landmark Dummerston Field.

For information contact Landmark College Athletic Director Matt Volitis and follow Landmark College Athletics on Facebook

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