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What Every Teacher Should Know About Neurodiverse Learners

Image of young boy wearing headphones and text saying What Every Teacher Should Know About Neurodiverse Learners

"As a college educator in the field of neurodiversity and LD (Learning Differences) for more than three decades, I have seen many positive disruptive changes in the field of education. The most important change is that the deficit model for neurodiversity has been discarded, at least within the leading educational circles in the field. The idea that a student is broken and has come to an educational fix-up shop no longer makes intellectual sense. We have seen far too much evidence of what students can achieve to continue to cling to the model of brokenness that was first created in the middle of the last century."

Above is the opening paragraph to an article Landmark College Professor Mac Gander contributed to the blog for Heinemann Publishing, which specializes in resources for educators at all grade levels.

Gander goes on to outline 7 principles that any teacher can adopt to work with student who learn differently, whether that due to a learning disability such as dyslexia, or ADHD, autism, or executive function challenges. 

Click here to read "What Every Teacher Should Know About Neurodiverse Learners".

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