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New Transitional Program for Students with ASD

Landmark College, a global leader in educating students with learning differences (LD), is partnering with George Williams College of Aurora University to host a new 10-day Summer Transitional Enrichment Program (STEP) for students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Set to begin this June at George Williams College’s campus in Williams Bay, Wisconsin, STEP will provide college-capable high school juniors and seniors who have ASD  with opportunities to not only make meaningful social connections, but also gain skills and strategies to equip them for the all-important transition to college.

During the program, students will complete college-level coursework, develop a clear understanding of their personal learning strengths and needs, and discover how resources and self-advocacy can support their success in college.

“Our goal is to offer students with ASD an authentic, integrated living and learning experience that gives them a real ‘taste’ of college life and helps them become more empowered, independent learners,” said Dr. Peter Eden, President of Landmark College.

STEP is an expansion of Landmark College’s annual High School Summer Program for rising juniors and seniors, where the goal is to have students experience what college is like. During the program, students are asked to discover the challenges they face and then learn strategies to overcome them. STEP allows Landmark College to expand the reach of this effective model and help students in other parts of the country.

“We’re eager to broaden our reach to high school students with ASD through this new program,” says President Eden. “Landmark College is the gold standard when it comes to building a progressive educational model. We’re proud other colleges are beginning to recognize that and want to partner with us.”

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