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Monopoly Tournament Draws ‘Fierce’ Competitors to Student Center

by Madeline Bergstrom

PUTNEY, Vt. – The game of Monopoly is familiar to millions of people around the world, yet even the game’s staunchest fans would not typically list “speed” as one of the game’s virtues. Landmark College students turned that notion on its head last Saturday when they took part in a timed Monopoly Tournament sponsored by Hasbro Gaming and organized by Bob Brown, Hasbro’s Vice President of Game Design (pictured at right).

Using speed dice to move play along, competitors were able to play two rounds of Monopoly in one and a half hours. The tournament was not only a fun way for Landmark students to spend an afternoon, but also an opportunity for Hasbro Gaming to test a potential new format for its worldwide Monopoly Championship, last held in 2010 in Las Vegas and expected to take place again in the next year.

Brown explained, “Hasbro Gaming supports several colleges worldwide as we look to invest in educational partners to help build gaming resources for our future. With Landmark College, we are just at the beginning of a relationship.” Brown has been collaborating with Michelle Bower, chair of the Landmark College Mathematics and Computer Science Department, in support of the College’s new Associate of Science in Computer Science/Gaming degree.

“It was a big hit,” said Emily North, Landmark College Director of Student Activities of the Monopoly Tournament. “Four teams competed in round one, and the four finalists competed in round two. Trading and bidding were fierce!”

The four winners (pictured, from left to right) were Arabelle Devine, Tristan Dunning, James Duff, and Paul Ruscito. The top prize went to Devine, with Dunning, Duff, and Ruscito coming in second, third, and fourth, respectively. A full album of Monopoly Tournament photos can be found on the Landmark College Student Affairs Facebook page.

In addition to being a Hasbro vice president, Brown is also the father of a Landmark College student. The College was pleased to welcome him to campus for the Tournament and looks forward to a long and productive collaboration with Hasbro Gaming.

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