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Landmark College Formalizes Partnerships With JPMorgan Chase and EY

Landmark College, the college of choice for students who learn differently, recently signed memoranda of understanding with two corporations seeking to advance neurodiversity initiatives.

Logos for EY and JPMorgan Chase Both JPMorgan Chase and EY (formerly Ernst & Young) have been actively working with the College for some time now, according to Jan Coplan, Director of Career Connections. The MOUs were signed with the intent to clarify the benefits for all parties, as well as create a blueprint should additional corporate partners seek a similar arrangement in the future.

“We are thrilled to formalize our collaboration with these two companies, both of which have been leaders in the movement to create a more neurodiverse workforce,” says Coplan.

Activities outlined in the memoranda produce beneficial outcomes for all parties, says Coplan. Landmark College students and alumni will have increased opportunities for internships and employment opportunities within the organizations, while JPMorgan Chase and EY staff will have access to professional development programs that strengthen employment and management outcomes related to a neurodiverse workforce.

“We are extremely pleased to announce our collaboration with Landmark College, which is at the forefront of educating neurodiverse students and preparing them for their future,” says Anthony Pacilio, Head of Autism at Work, JPMorgan Chase & Co. “JPMorgan Chase is honored to help build and bridge employment opportunities for these students.  To date, we’ve hired over 150 employees through our Autism at Work program and we look forward to many years of great success between Landmark College and JPMorgan Chase.”

“I am delighted that we have an official collaboration with Landmark College.  It is clear that the faculty truly takes time and effort cultivating students for EY’s culture,” says Hiren Shukla, Director of EY’s Neuro-Diverse Centers of Excellence. “We are looking forward to creating a robust pipeline where we have consistent flow of alumni and new graduates identifying EY as an employer of choice.  As EY continues to grow our Neuro-diverse Centers of Excellence our connection with Landmark will offer a great opportunity to align talent to our ever changing demands.”

As part of the College’s Learning Disabilities Awareness Month programming, representatives from both companies visited the Landmark College campus on October 29 to participate in a “Neurodiversity Goes to Work” program. For the second straight year, students heard about career opportunities with each company and had the opportunity to take part in mock interviews, among other activities.

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