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Hasbro Offers Internships to Landmark College Students

by Solvegi Shmulsky

Dr. Peter Eden looks on as Bob Brown signs paper at table
Eden looks on as Brown signs the Hasbro partnership memorandum

PUTNEY, Vt. -- In May 2016, Landmark College and Hasbro, Inc., of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, entered into a one-year internship partnership. President Peter Eden of Landmark College and Bob Brown, Vice President Design and Development, of Hasbro, Inc., signed an agreement that includes up to four paid summer internships for bachelor-level students. Hasbro, Inc., is a multimillion dollar enterprise known for iconic toys and games including Nerf, Monopoly, My Little Pony, and Play-doh. As per the agreement, the purpose of the program is “to capitalize on the creativity and analytical talents of students with LD by diversifying the internship population currently working at Hasbro, Inc.” 

Peter Eden and Bob Brown shaking hands in an office
Eden and Brown

“Enlightened and forward-thinking companies are recognizing the strengths of young people with different learning styles, and these companies understand that such individuals can bring new ideas to creative and technical arenas,” said Eden. “Our relationship with Hasbro is a good example of how two progressive institutions get together to help not just themselves, but young learners eager to contribute to society.”

A strategic goal at Landmark College is for all students to gain internship experience, preferably in an area related to their field of study. The Office of Transfer, Career, & Internship (TCI) Services matches students to opportunities and helps students prepare for their next steps. TCI Services Director Jan Coplan worked on the Hasbro, Inc., agreement. She said, “Our students will be given the opportunity to contribute their unique insight to a globally recognized business whose practices are socially responsible and sustainable.”

Dr. Peter Eden, Joe Eder '16, and Bob Brown outside in front of the colonnade
Eden, Hasbro intern Joe Eder '16, and Brown

Hasbro internship opportunities may be available in a range of areas, including public relations, information technology, gaming, and photography studio. The vetting process is similar to a typical hiring process. To apply for open positions, a student must submit an application and interview at Landmark College and Hasbro, Inc. Commenting on this year’s process, Coplan said, “As our candidates progressed through the competitive Hasbro, Inc. selection process, it became very evident that they will be valued employees and will be engaged in a mutually beneficial career-building experience.”  

The first Landmark College student to secure a Hasbro internship was Joseph Eder '16. On May 14, Eder was among the first 12 students ever to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree from Landmark College. At Hasbro, Eder will embark on a paid 3000-level academic internship, joining a team of writers whose primary focus is brand writing. Eder will be given an opportunity to utilize his creative writing talents while he performs such duties as brainstorming products names and taglines, as well as composing product descriptions and instructions. 

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