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Fall 2020 Commencement Recap

Fall 2020 Commencement Stage Party

The Fall 2020 Commencement ceremony was web streamed on Saturday, December 19. Like the Spring 2020 ceremony, the stage party gathered in advance to prerecord the proceeding, with students and other participants also submitting pre-recorded videos of their remarks. The web stream included a live chat that allowed viewers to post their own congratulatory messages during the ceremony.

Watch the full ceremony

Thank you to Brattleboro Community Television for livestreaming our commencement ceremonies.


The web stream also featured a special message from a surprise celebrity guest:



A flipbook version of the Spring 2020 Commencement program can be viewed by clicking here.



Ryan Linkletter smiling at camera, wearing graduation cap and gown

The Community Service Award is given to the student who has unselfishly given of themselves to the activities of the Landmark College community.
WINNER: Ryan Linkletter.






The Academic Deans’ Award is given to the student who has best demonstrated the qualities that define academic success at Landmark College. These qualities include hard work, seriousness toward learning, intellectual development, and measurable achievement, such as grades.
WINNERS (Left to Right): Daniel Lougen (Bachelor’s); Jonathan Gerraughty (Associate)

Daniel Lougen and John Gerraughty


The Charles Drake Award is given to a student who has inspired the community by his or her personal qualities. This student is not a quitter and lives in the tradition of Dr. Charles Drake, whose vision and courage helped found the College. This student gives 100 percent, goes the extra mile, and perseveres in pursuit of his or her goals. This student helps the rest of us realize that we have more resources to draw upon than we think, and helps us keep going when we feel discouraged.
WINNERS (Left to Right): Indigo Pagan; Ellen Chornoboy

Student smiling while sitting outdoors on bench with jacket, tie and graduation cap.Ellen C.



Female with dark hair tied back in pony with glasses, standing and smiling with green backdrop

The President’s Award is given to the student who has best exemplified the principles we believe in here at Landmark College. The student is talented and energetic, meets difficulties head on, works hard, and is dedicated to his or her studies. This student also finds time to contribute to the well-being of other persons and to the life of the Landmark College community as a whole.
WINNER: Sarah Lennox



Spring 2020 Graduates


Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies
Alexander Bair Dylan Basora-Kennelly John Belinski Ryan Bergin*
Daniel Burke Mariana Borbon Bours Maeve Butscher Heather Dunham
Destany Hankard Lydia Haswell Hannah Loewen Asa MacDonald
Robert Marchesi Daniel Molster Indigo Pagan Alexandra Ross
Benjamin Small Jason Walilko    


Associate of Arts in Business Studies
Ryan Carroll Jason Dewald
Declan Halloran Blake Henke
William Price John Vasquez


Associate of Science in Computer Science
Jonathan Gerraughty
David Landry
Ethan Norton
Luke Simon


Associate of Science in Life Science
Chase O’Brien


Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Entrepreneurial Leadership
Ambert LaFlamme° Capstone: Interpersonal Skills for Neurodiverse Individuals



Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art
Peter Constable Capstone: The Shape of Video and How Chances Affects Its Content
Sarah Lennox° Capstone: Meditation On A Doily, Honoring Women’s Labor


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Daniel Lougen° Capstone: What’s Boredom and How Can You Work with It? Insight from Models of Executive Function


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Daniel Santana Capstone: Egg Incubator of the Future: An Internet-Enabled Environment Control System
Parker Sprague° Capstone: Sewing Pattern Generator


Certificate in Learning Differences and Neurodiversity
Nadia Chuckaree Sue Gainty Kathleen Hartnett Anne-Marie Hesser
Constance Loescher Douglas MacDonald Laura Nelson Emily North
Temetric Reeves Jenny Reuter Kit Savage Courtney Shaw
Alyssa Simms-Clark Kaylee Stith Sarah Wolf Hilary Garland


Symbol Key

°Golden Key Honor Society
* Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
∞ Computer Science
⧫ Communication
Ω Psychology
ʮ Humanities
€ Environmental Science
¤ Education

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