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Enjoy the New York Times Online on Campus, at Home, or on the Go!

As a Landmark College student, faculty, or staff member, you can register with the New York Times Group Pass for online access to the incomparable newspaper. Then enjoy the New York Times on campus or off campus--anywhere you have a computer or smartphone!

Access is nearly unlimited. (There's just a five-article-per-day limit on articles from 1923-1980.)

First-time users: Register while on campus via this registration link will require you to create a free account and log in. Use your Landmark College email ( for the account, plus any password of your choosing. (If you already have a NYTimes login using your Landmark email, use that password on the registration page.)

After you're registered, you can simply use the usual URL either on or off-campus:

Users who are having access problems after about a year of access
You need to reauthenticate your account via the registration link while on campus.*
Instead of "Create Account," choose "Already have an account? Log in here."
Use your NYTimes login: your Landmark email plus your NYTimes password.

* Not on campus and won't be in the near future? You could ask us to reauthenticate you by sending us your password, and then you could change it after you're reauthenticated.

Need help? Ask Us at the Library! Or, try this Troubleshooting Guide from the New York Times Group Pass site.

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