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2019 Academic Awards

Landmark College held its Spring 2019 Academic Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, April 30. From the Welcome by Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Gail Gibson Sheffield, to the closing remarks by College President, Dr. Peter Eden, the ceremony was filled with mutual warmth and admiration between the students and presenting faculty. (Photos by Todd Miller) 

Award Recipient Photo

Rob Gunther-Mohr Award: Given in memory of Rob Gunther-Mohr, founding faculty member and beloved teacher and colleague, to the student who best exhibits independent critical judgment, a love of reading and ideas, and an abiding compassion for others.

Presenter: Ned Olmsted

Cameron Dibble
Career Readiness Award: Given to the student who has made the most strides in demonstrating professionalism in the workplace and developing a career plan.

Presenter: Jan Coplan
Sam Koslowsky
First Year Student Award: To the student who has demonstrated an ongoing process of self-reflection, self-awareness and self-advocacy that has led to significant achievement of first year academic goals.

Presenter: Lena Jahn
Katlyn Brooks                                                   
Math Excellence Award: Given to the student who is serious about further study in mathematics.The student actively participates in discussions, communicates clearly about mathematical concepts, and demonstrates inquisitiveness, dedication, consistency, and preparedness: the hallmarks of a successful analytic and logical thinker and problem solver.

Presenter: Frank Klucken
Parker Sprague
Pat Jaquith Award: Given to the mathematics student whose extraordinary effort and progress over the year is consistently admired by professors, peers, and advisors. Through hard work, attentiveness, and diligence with assignments, the student is becoming a skilled problem solver; one who has learned to think logically and symbolically, to reason analytically, and to communicate clearly about mathematical concepts.

Presenter: Doug Lynch
Will Hyams
Writing Excellence Award: To the student who best exemplifies communicating with purpose, clarity, coherence and persuasiveness in writing.

Presenter: Dan Toomey
Clair Jin

Creative Writing Award: To the student who demonstrates commitment to and talent with creative writing. 

Presenter: Meg Baronian

Ryan Linkletter
Jeroo Eduljee Award: Given to a student who has made the most progress in the Wilson Reading Program, exemplifying the transformational power of decoding.

Presenter: Susan Frishberg

Sarah Silvestro and
Will Hyams

The Liberal Studies Department Award for Excellence at the Associate Level goes to a student who has excelled in a range of our elective courses. This student shows curiosity about the world and the desire to explore unfamiliar topics.

Presenter: Adrienne Major
Laura Howard
The Liberal Studies Department Award for Excellence at the Baccalaureate Level goes to a student who has pursued a focused area of interest in the liberal studies. This student is a budding scholar who has the potential for leadership in the field.

Presenter: Dan Miller
Steven Vitt
The Maria Forte Art Award: Named for a beloved founding member of Landmark’s art department, goes to a student who is deeply committed to developing as an artist, and who is willing to take risks and spend considerable time on their art, regardless of the medium. The student consistently produces work of a high caliber that manifests deep engagement and experimentation, and routinely elevates the level of conversation within classes, helping to cultivate a culture of curiosity, dialogue, and inclusivity.

Presenter: Samuel Rowlett
Rhiannon Greywolf
The Computer Science Award: is given each year to a student who has excelled academically in the program and also shows much potential as a future technology professional.

Presenter: John Russo
Brian Ramsaur Image not available
The Communication and Leadership Award: goes to the student who has taken two or more courses in the areas of Business and Communications and has demonstrated academics excellence and community leadership through initiative, diligence and progress.

Presenter: Jeanette Landin
George Crosby
The Dianne Wood Award will go to the student who has not only excelled academically in communications, but who has also gone beyond and applied these skills to transform personally and thereby contributing to the college community as a whole.

Presenter: Lee Crocker 
Mackenzie Bacastow                                                    
Natural Science Department Award: For outstanding achievement in the Natural Sciences.

Presenter: Andrew Stein
Mo Diaw

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