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The Sherman-Raz Family

“College is a growth experience for most students, but Landmark College is much more: it is a transformative experience.” 

Landmark College student Micah Sherman-Raz and his parents, Sherry Sherman and Jeff Raz, live in the San Francisco Bay area. Sherry is a psychologist and Jeff is an artist who “explores the intersection of circus, theater, and music.” Originally from the East Coast, Sherry was familiar with Landmark School in Beverly, Massachusetts, from her time working in Boston. That is how her family found out about Landmark College, which she says is “the best place for Micah—a remarkable institution that models the best of a caring and inclusive community.”

As parents, Sherry and Jeff balance their desire to do what is best for Micah with a willingness to let him make his own decisions. One of those decisions was to attend Landmark College. During his junior and senior years, Micah went through the college search process, like many high school students. The best matches, according to his college counselor, were all on the East Coast—far away from home and the routines that had worked for so many years.

Contemplating a 3,000-mile separation, Micah and his family took a trip to three institutions in New England, one of which was actively recruiting him to play golf. After spending time in nearby Brattleboro, Vermont, they visited Landmark College. Although it was mid-August and the campus was quiet, Micah seemed to immediately know that Landmark was the right college for him, “I am coming here,” he said to his parents. Micah’s time at Landmark has been full of new experiences, challenges, and successes, all of which have contributed to his commitment to earning a degree and to engaging in lifelong learning.

Small class size, interaction with professors, and connection with peers were the factors that led Micah to make his decision. He said, “I picked Landmark over other options primarily for the academic environment. I knew that a nurturing, supportive teaching and learning environment is exactly what I would need. Being constantly surrounded by that is the structure that would work best.”

Academically, Micah favors history. “I have had an interest in ancient history for years,” he said. When Micah writes about history, his enthusiasm comes through. He is particularly curious about how present-day realities are similar to and different from the past. He said, “I enjoy learning about those who came before us and how their lives shape the ones we live today.”

Micah is also active and studious in his spare time. He enjoys baseball, golf, walking in nature, reading, and listening to music. In particular, he likes documentaries “with historical relevance, as they inspire me to learn more about all aspects of our world.”

In fitting words from a student who traveled across the country to attend college, Micah’s advice to prospective students is, “Never be afraid. Here at Landmark, everyone is working on something. For me, it is the first place where I can truly be myself and feel confident socially and academically.”

Sherry and Jeff agree; they said, “College is a growth experience for most students, but Landmark College is much more: it is a transformative experience.” Together they are looking forward to more growth and happy surprises. Reflecting on their thoughts when Micah was born, Sherry and Jeff said, “What we couldn’t know then is that Micah would find a college that would nurture and expand the goodness in him, while challenging him in a myriad of academic, personal and vocational ways.”

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