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Ted and Marsha Burke

From left to right: father Ted Burke, student Dan Burke, mother Marsha Burke "For our Dan, it was worth everything."

Wherever your student is on their journey, we hope you will all join us in supporting Landmark College.  

Our son Dan first attended a community college.  When we learned about Landmark, he became interested in trying an away-from-home experience. Talking to him now, two years later, it is a completely different dynamic. He has grown up so much and is thriving.  

Landmark has offered Dan opportunities to build his self-esteem and improve interpersonal relations. Dan was an experienced high school athlete, so he enjoyed playing baseball, and basketball. To our surprise, Dan has tried a few new things at LC like co-hosting a radio show. We love tuning in and hearing him confidently throwing in his two cents. That is something we never would have expected Dan to try in a million years, but Landmark’s inclusive environment gave him permission to stretch out.  

Academically he is taking more responsibility than ever before. His advisor Kathy D’Alessio has been a real rock and source of structure and the liberal studies curriculum has opened his eyes to the wider world. The fact that he sometimes says, “Did you ever know….?” about something he learned is refreshing. He is obtaining a knowledge base that makes him an informed and well-rounded person. 

There are countless people in Dan’s situation. These are the kids that, before a place like Landmark, fell between the cracks. There was not a lot of hope for what their future was going to look like. Landmark gives them that hope and sense of accomplishment. It imbues them with a greater academic proficiency than they would ever achieve in a traditional college environment.  

No matter where Dan goes from this point forward, he is a better person with many more possibilities because of his experience at Landmark College. Many colleges are hurting, but to lose the kind of opportunities Landmark provides would be absolutely heart breaking.  

If you can make a gift to Landmark College, we hope you will join us. A college like Landmark understands all that needs to be in place for students with learning differences to succeed, and it is worth it. For our Dan, it was worth everything. Please consider a gift to help future students like your child and Dan


Ted & Marsha Burke 

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