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Susan Grabowski

"My gift to the Annual Fund is my thanks, my show of support, and an investment in the future of this genuinely unique institution." --Susan Grawbowski, Director of Short-Term Programs at Landmark College

Susan Grabowski (pictured, at right, visiting Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada) began her career at Landmark College over four years ago when she moved to southern Vermont. She started out in the Office of Transfer and Career Services and is now the Director of Short-Term Programs. Landmark College's short-term programs are designed to support the academic growth of students who learn differently, serving high school and college students who may or may not have a diagnosis of a learning disability (such as dyslexia), ADHD, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Landmark has invested in me, and it's only fair to return that favor. That’s why I call it ‘giving back,’" said Susan.

Susan donates to Landmark because she believes in its mission. She said, “I know that the College has helped to change the lives of so many students.” She meets many students and families in her role as director of short-term programs. She said, “At Landmark College, students find the confidence, skills, strategies, and, most importantly, the understanding of who they are as learners in order to realize their potential. How could you not want to be a part of that?”

Susan added, “I’ve been given opportunities to grow and learn as a professional at every place I've worked, but at Landmark, my potential has not only been recognized, but also developed. I have been given wonderful opportunities to stretch myself as a professional. Landmark has invested in me, and it's only fair to return that favor. That’s why I call it ‘giving back.’”

Susan lives in Putney, Vermont, the same town as Landmark College. “I love it here! Putney is a great little town, full of friendly people,” she said.  She likes living in Putney because she is close to the College, and because Putney offers small town culture and a plethora of opportunities to take part in the community. When she is not at work, Susan enjoys cooking, hiking, snowshoeing, and just being outdoors. In the winter, she participates in the Putney Conservation Commission’s animal tracking program. Susan will start her fifth year at Landmark College this fall, and she looks forward to being a longtime supporter.  

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