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Stephen Sack '92

“I’ve seen Landmark College grow and maintain its fundamental purpose.”  --Stephen Sack '92

Alumnus Stephen Sack, Jr. attended Landmark College more than two decades ago, but he still stays connected. He gives to the College and serves on the Alumni Advisory Board. “The Alumni Board is special because it’s not here for networking but for the true love of the College,” said Sack. “It is alumni who build endowment funds that ensure the future of Landmark.”

When asked why he supports the institution financially, Sack said, “I’ve been an alum for 20-plus years, and the tools I learned at Landmark College helped me become a successful business owner. For that reason, the College is on the short list of places I support.” 

Sack is the president of Sack Energy, a Connecticut-based company that started in 1902 and has remained in his family for five generations. Sack is also a husband and the father of four children, ages 5 to 11.

Being a business owner and father of four, Sack’s life is busy. As his children have grown, they have started to pick up the same hobbies as their parents. “Having kids is the best thing I’ve ever done,” he said. “We ski in the winter and enjoy the beach in the summer. I have an old jeep and the kids just love going for rides with the top down and doors off.” 

A feeling that he can accomplish anything and the freedom to do it his own way are two things that stayed with Sack all these years. He said, “At Landmark, I gained confidence, independence, and the knowledge that I can figure things out on my own.” To would-be donors and prospective students, he said, “Students get confidence and individualized tools for life—this College is like no other.”

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