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Doug Killin ‘87

Student Gabby Killin (left) sits with father Doug, who is an alumnus of Landmark College"My mother literally mortgaged the house so I could be a member of the College’s pioneering class."

It’s amazing to think that 35 years have passed since I was a student at Landmark College. Enough time to see my own daughter, Gabby, now enrolled there for her first year; and for me to be in the role of a parent writing to parents like you about the importance of giving to the Landmark College Annual Fund.  

The two years I spent at Landmark gave me the confidence and skill set to move to the next level. I found a love for learning that started me down the path to my own career as an educator. I also found the love of my life, Kristin, with whom I have three beautiful, intelligent children.  

College is supposed to be transformative for every young adult, but those of us who went to Landmark understand it is not just life-changing, but live-saving, for students with learning differences. That is even more true today than it was when I attended, with associate and bachelor’s programs, unparalleled academic and social support, and a vibrant campus life.  

Their recent addition of online courses is an important advancement for the LD community. It significantly expands access to LC’s tried-and-true model of “meeting students where they are” and showing them that they do indeed, possess a college-worthy intellect.  

My mother literally mortgaged the house so I could be a member of the College’s pioneering class. When I give to the Landmark College Annual Fund, I do so with her sacrifice in mind. I hope you will join me in making a gift to continue providing opportunities for Gabby and students like yours to realize their full potential.  


Doug Killin ‘87 

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