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Neurodivergent Voices

How To Be More Inclusive

What advice would you give colleges and workplaces? After a semester of studying the work of neurodiverse advocates and hearing from each other, students shared their best advice for making the communities more inclusive. Here’s what they had to say:

“Include members with disabilities to have a say in what goes on, so accessibility will become more widespread—from the architecture of an area that could use ramps, elevators, and spaces to find stimulus/some peace, to a flexible class or work schedule, to representation on every committee and staff group.”
“Advice I would give colleges and workplaces to ensure the inclusion of disabled people would be including them from the ground-up; literally being a part of every process that is new or tweaked.”
“Practice allyship. Allyship is understanding that you may not understand everything at first, have a lot to learn, have privilege, and shouldn’t be speaking over the voices you’re meaning to support. If those ideas were followed through, everyone would be more empathetic, societally aware, and actively making the world a better place.”
“In my opinion, the more people we acknowledge, give peace of mind, and give the tools to succeed, our society will be better as a whole in terms of inclusivity, success, and the resulting progress made from those successes.”
“The factors that increase inclusion and belonging is making sure you are meeting everyone’s needs. When I’m planning something an event, I aim to create something that anyone can come and enjoy.”
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