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Community and Engagement

The Center for Neurodiversity provides opportunities for neurodivergent students (both at Landmark College and elsewhere) to gain skills and success in leadership areas.

The Center for Neurodiversity creates systems and opportunities for neurodiverse individuals, and those in with an interest in the area, to share perspectives and join us in joint actions that will provide neurodivergent students, both at Landmark College and elsewhere, to gain skills that help them become successful leaders.

From hosting guest speakers on-campus to publishing material related to neurodiversity, all activities and initiatives undertaken through the Center are done with an eye toward the research, development, implementation, evaluation, and dissemination of models that support communities of neurodiverse individuals in living, learning, and workplace environments.

Members of the Community and Engagement subcommittee:

  • Andy Donahue (co-chair), Director of Social Pragmatic Services
  • Sallie Banta, Assistant Director of Social Pragmatics/Resident Dean
  • Maxwell Lyttle, Student Affairs
  • Caden Dole, Student Affairs
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