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LD Disclosure: Pros, Cons, and Personal Stories

Location: Greenhoe Theater, Fine Arts Building

Headshot of Denise Brodey, a woman with short, wavy brown hair, smiling

To disclose or not to disclose? When students with a learning difference (LD) enter the workplace – whether internship, part-time job, or full-time career – they face the weighty decision of whether to disclose their LD to their employer. Denise Brodey, founder of Rebel Talent and senior contributor to Forbes will discuss the how, when, and why of making that decision. The work world has changed dramatically in the last decade—even in the last two years—making life more complicated but also, in some ways, easier for people to disclose their learning disabilities and attention challenges. Brodey’s talk will cover her own personal experiences as well as others and help put those changes in context.

Attendees will also gain a deeper understanding of how to create a psychologically safe, supported, and enjoyable environment for employees with learning differences such as ADHD. Throughout her talk, Brodey, a longtime journalist with a sense of humor that she says is one of the secrets to her success, will weave her own lived experience into the discussion as well as those of students and others she has interviewed. An audience Q&A will follow Brodey’s talk.

Denise Brodey is a journalist with a candid and clear-eyed view of being ADHD and dyslexic as an adult in the workplace. She currently writes for Forbes and is a regular on national podcasts and news shows such as ADHDWomen and YahooFinance. She continues to be a pioneer in writing honestly and openly about invisible disabilities through the lens of lived experience. The Elephant in the Playroom (Penguin) included her candid views, woven in between more than 40 parents' original stories. It was named a Library Journal Best Book in 2007. She was awarded the BroadFutures Champion Award in 2021. She currently writes for Forbes, Boston Globe, Thrive Global, HuffPost, and Medium and is the founder of REBEL TALENT (

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