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Tour of Parliament

Today we received a guided tour of Parliament, which is soon to be restored. The restoration is expected to cost billions and take decades to complete.  Our tour began in Westminster Hall, where Queen Elizabeth II lay in state for three days earlier this year before her funeral on April 9, 2022.  More than 200,000 people visited Westminster Hall during this time to pay their respects. In the UK, lying in State is given to the sovereign, the current or past Queen Consort, and sometimes Prime Ministers. Winston Churchill was one Prime Minister who was afforded the honor of this ceremony. Our tour continued with a visit to the House of Lords and the House of Commons where we learned more about the history and traditions associated with these branches of government. The tour gave students the opportunity to visualize the setting for James Graham's play, This House, which they are currently reading for class. 

Nine students pose for a photo inside Westminster Hall.

(Clockwise starting in front): Justin, Helen, Quinn, Marion, Carolina, Dr. Major, Alicia, Ariana, and Charlotte in Westminster Hall

Seven students leaning in toward each other while posing for a photo inside Westminster Hall.

Pictured Clockwise: Ariana, Helen, Marion, Quinn, Carolina (in front), Charlotte, and Alicia

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