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NYC Blog Day 6

From Program Director Eve Khan: After yesterday’s long day of miserable weather and lots of walking, we woke up to the sun shining and much warmer temperatures today. Everyone was in good spirits as we made our way downtown to the Rubin Museum. Lots of amazing sketching going on and friendly disagreements about the color of the light inside the Mandala. Do we still know whether “is it green or yellow”?!!!

Tomorrow we will be going to our last museum of the trip (the American Natural History Museum) Time to get some rest. Good night!

Student with back turned to camera sitting on floor drawing.
Carson Melega sketching at the Whitney.

Profile shot of mail student drawing with a pencil
Steve Martinez making  some last minute touches before sharing his work.

Overhead shot of female student drawing while seated on padded bench
Chloe Lindsay finds a spot to sketch.

Overhead shot of two students sketching while seated on padded bench
Eden Kayser and William Tinsley sketch away.

Man wearing baseball cap and protective face mask hitting a gong with a mallet inside museum
Samuel having a go with the gong.

Image of male professor and female student looking at artwork on museum wall
Lana Deane and Samuel Rowlett discuss.

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