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NYC Blog Day 4

From Program Director Eve Khan: Today was a busy day again but so much fun!

We started off the day by walking up 6th Avenue to the Modern Museum of Art (MOMA as the local call it) and stopping for lunch in Bryant Park. After the MOMA, Samuel took a bunch of the students to The Students Art League of New York to sit in a live class and sketch.

Tomorrow we’re off to the Whitney Museum. Goodnight for now. 

Student with long blond hair, glasses and long brown coat sitting at outdoor cafe table and holding a fork.
Eden Kayser finding some delicious looking and smelling chicken and fries from the food truck (just like a New Yorker)! 

Male student with red hooded sweatshirt standing outside and holding a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream up to his mouth.
Will Tinsley warming up with some Belgian Hot Chocolate 

Student looking over her shoulder at camera while sitting at outdoor cafe table with purple hoodie pulled up over her head and wearing protective mask
Chloe Lindsay taking a moment to warm up (it was chilly yesterday).

Over the shoulder photo of female student with long blond braids sitting outdoors in red chair while looking downward at something not visible
Lana Deane stopping for some food.

Two people wearing baseball caps seated outdoors eating lunch and talking to each other. in the foreground is a chalkboard sketch of a pastry and text that reads Best of New York chocolate babka
Leo Premru and Samuel Rowlett discussing art between bites.

Student standing in front of Andy Warhol soup can painting while wearing a shirt with a print of the same piece of art.
Leo in front of the iconic Andy Warhol soup cans.

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