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NYC Blog Day 3

From Program Director Eve KhanToday was such a fun day! Our first trip on the NYC Subway! Everyone swiped their Metro Cards like pros and with their sketch books in hand, we arrived at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We all split up once we were in the museum but I was lucky to find a few of our Art in the City superstars sketching in action.

After the museum, we all made it back to the hotel where we were all very tired but still excited for tomorrow’s adventure at the Museum of Modern Art.

Goodnight for now! 

A student with dark hair, glasses and mask pulled down smiles at camera while sitting at a cafe table with glass of water and coffee cup on it.
Student Dylan Yamaguchi grabbing a quick bite before sketching.

Group of students posing for photo on steps of the Met
The fabulous Art in the City superstars!

Student standing inside museum looking left of camera and sketching on a pad
Chloe Lindsay sketching in the Egyptian wing.

An over the shoulder picture of two students looking at an art exhibit of small disc and kniives.
Will Tinsley looking on as Eden Kayser sketches.

Three students sitting next to each other in a subway car. They are all wearing protective masks.
Will, Eden and Chloe, relieved to find seats after a long but exciting day! 

A male student sitting in subway car reading a book.
Dylan so engrossed in his mystery.

Three students, one standing and two seated, on a subway car looking past the camera at
Lana, Eden and Will on the subway. (A special shout out to Leo Premru for taking this photo.) 

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