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NYC Blog Day 2

From Program Director Eve KhanToday was an extremely busy but fun day! We started off with Professor Samuel Rowlett leading an orientation to prepare students for day 1 of our 5 museum extravaganza!

A group of students seated at a table with professor seated at the end. All are wearing protective facemasks.
Professor Rowlett (left) discussing the joys of sketching!

Profile of student with shoulder length blond hair and glasses seated at table listening to discussion. They are wearing a long brown winter coat and have their arms folded.
Student Eden Kayser taking it all in.

After that, the entire group walked over to Grand Central Terminal where we had a few minor quibbles with the Metrocard machine (just like real New Yorkers)!

Exterior of building facade reading Grand Central Terminal

Then it was lunch downstairs in the food court. Some students discovered Shake Shack for the first time while others embraced a pizza sandwich.

At left, a student with blond hair and glasses stands at bistro table holding a slice of pizza. On the other side of the table a professor stands holding a beverage
Student Leo Premru and Professor Rowlett enjoying their lunch finds.

Male student with short dark hair wearing tshirt seated at single table looking down at his meal
Student Steve Martinez content with his Shake Shack meal.

Two students standing on opposite side of bistro table posing for camera wearing protective masks. There is a closed pizza box on the table with a nearly empty bottle of water on top of it.
Students Will and Chloe AG patiently waiting to go.   

Finally, a trip to Kinokuniya, the mega store for Manga, comic books and stationery. What a beautiful store and shout out to the wonderful employees that helped our students at the checkout. I think everyone is going to sleep well tonight in preparation for The Metropolitan Museum of Art tomorrow. 

Here a few more photos of the group walking around New York. Good Night!

Students standing in front of public map labeled Bryant Park
Navigating the map in Bryant Park.

Four students outside in New York looking away from the camera near a public map labeled Bryant Park.
Leo, Chloe AG, Dylan and Eden Loving the weather outside in Bryant Park. 

A female student with short hair and a black t-shirt and wearing a protective mask poses for picture on street with tall building in background that says MetLife on it
Great shot of Chloe L. and the MetLife Building.

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