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Last day on the Isle of Skye

Saturday, July 13

Our last day on the Isle of Skye and still not much in the way of sunshine. After class in the morning, the students had time to work on their journals and describe in some detail what they had observed on their tour of the island the day before — connecting what they had learned and witnessed to the theme of wildness and what it means to experience wildness in a society that affords us diminishing access to such experiences. Students spent the afternoon exploring Carbost on their own. Some ventured up the hill to the Oyster Shed to sample the local seafood and see some of the local crafts while taking in the view of Carbost and Loch Harport below. Others stayed close to our accommodation next to the old Inn, which also has spectacular views of the Loch — with the Black Cuillin mountains in the background. No one seemed particularly interested in taking a tour of the Talisker distillery, one of the village of Carbost’s main attractions. It perhaps comes as no surprise that second to salmon, scotch whiskey is Scotland’s primary export.

The students bade farewell to Carbost and the Isle of Skye in their own way — some through deep reflection or engagement with activities of interest to them, others through parody….

Morning class at our accommodation in Carbost, Isle of Skye

View over Loch Harport from our accommodation in Carbost, Isle of Skye

Chris and James taking in the view from the common room

Our accommodation in Carbost

Bryce and Sarah on the deck bidding Skye farewell. Recognize the parody?...

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