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Last day on Eigg time

Sunday, July 21

We experienced our last day on Eigg time today before departing on the ferry for the port of Mallaig on the mainland of Scotland where we were scheduled to stay overnight before taking the train to Edinburgh the next day. The rain had returned with a vengeance just in time for our last afternoon on the isle of Eigg, which gave us a final glimpse of the harsh weather conditions so often experienced by the inhabitants of such an exposed, isolated island. Given the weather conditions, which were expected to persist through Monday morning, I think we were all somewhat relieved that the place where we were staying in Mallaig was located directly across from the ferry terminal and next to the train station. The students spent most of their time in Mallaig responding to reading questions related to an interview with George Monbiot, a British writer who is well known for his environmental and political activism….

Group shot taken at the Glebe barn prior to departure for the mainland.....

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