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Hike to Talisker Bay

The fog having lifted and the rain subsided, we finally caught a few glimpses of sunshine after class this morning, which gave us the opportunity to take our first hike without rain. We walked to the neighboring village of Talisker from Carbost where we visited Talisker bay, which is thought to contain the most impressive beach on Skye. We encountered a peacock at Talisker house when we reached the entrance to the bay. We also met a fair number of free roaming sheep and cows along the road to our destination, which soon retreated as our own human herd approached. Talisker bay can be reached by a track near the entrance to Talisker farm. Towering cliffs flank the bay, an impressive waterfall cascades over the cliff edge at the far right, and lush vegetation is grazed by sheep, which surround the area. One would be hard pressed to conjure up a more peaceful, bucolic scene than this, which stands in marked contrast to the unpredictability and wildness of what we’ve experienced in days prior.

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