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First Weekend in Berlin

We had a fantastic first weekend in Berlin!  Students used it to explore Berlin:

Many of us visited the East Side Gallery on Friday and then went to Markthalle Neun for dinner.

Max attended a soccer game. 

AC and friends studied in the Berlin Library.

Char(Eric) rode an electric pedal scooter all over Berlin.

AC and Trinket went to the Botanical Garden.

Andy and RJ went to the Berlin Zoo.

Christie and Tanner went to Checkpoint Charlie.

Half the group went to walk down Under the Linden Street and then to the Brandenburg Gate.

Everyone enjoyed a group meal made by our lead chef, Griffen, and sous chef, Alex.

The weekend also gave everyone time to finish their first major project for the course, and to do laundry, rest, and continue to explore our neighborhood and all its markets, restaurants, and even a Sunday flea market.

End of the Weekend Dinner:

Griffen is applauded for a great meal!  Alex serves as sous chef for evening.



Brandenburg Gate


The weekend is over and we begin our second weekly theme of the experience of life under Nazi rule.

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